Monday, March 7, 2011

How Do Echo Boomers Manage Money?

Comprehensive Generation Y and Money (long version)

This page now features multiple sets of data, including housing, financial, marital and employment. This post will update from time to time as more data are collected.

Important Note: As of July 2011, I changed professions and am no longer collecting these data (though, I am now collecting data through Twitter and other social media sites). I have completed the Millennial study (approximate time 1.5 years) and am compiling the final numbers, which the readers can review. As of now, housing, retirement and employment updates are all complete.

Housing Data

Financial Data

Demographic Make-Up of Survey

Liabilities of Echo Boomers

Assets of Echo Boomers

Financial Data of Echo Boomers

Financial Distribution of Echo Boomers

Marital Data

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