Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Generation Y and the 2012 Election

The 3 Big Political Issues for Echo Boomers

Last week I covered some moral views of the Millennial generation and how these moral views would affect Echo Boomers' voting in the 2012 election (see Generation Y and Sex and 5 Moral Views of Generation Y). However, if we listed the major issues facing the 2012 election, who would have the advantage with Echo Boomers?

A fascinating article highlights some of the political views of Echo Boomers, but in general, you can see the winners and losers in the big issues among the Millennial generation.

Moral issues: Democrats are winning as you can read in Generation Y and Sex and 5 Moral Views of Generation Y.
Economic issues: No one is winning. Keep in mind, voters tend to view economic issues by how things are presently going. This means that voting can change quickly concerning economic factors.
Global issues: No one is winning. Many Echo Boomers favor isolationist policies which neither Republicans nor Democrats support (see How Do Echo Boomers Think?).

Of the big three, Democrats only possess a slight edge. In order for Republicans to win, they will need to focus on the economic issues, as that will be on voter's minds in 2012. Democrats, on the other hand, will be seen as responsible for the current economy, possibly hurting or helping Obama relative to how the economy looks in 2012.

As far as moral issues are concerned, Republicans will never win with Echo Boomers unless the party opens its stance or Echo Boomers change theirs (both possessing a low probability). Of course, moral issues only become a focus if the economy is doing well. Most people don't care about issues like abortion, homosexuality and sex education if they can't find jobs and build financial security (ie: "People vote with their dollars"). In other words, caring about moral issues is a luxury of people with economic and financial security.

Global issues may be the only way a third party can capture votes from Echo Boomers, as Democrats and Republicans would never favor such policies (update: Nick points out that Ron Paul is non-interventionist candidate; I was under a wrong impression that he would be on the Libertarian ticket, so he is a Republican that some Echo Boomers might support in the area of global issues). That being written, the unpopularity of isolationism among other generations will exclude any candidate with such views.