Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Generation Y and Sex

How Generation Y's View on Sex Will Influence Politics and Religion

A summary of a study looks at how Echo Boomers view various moral1 issues such as abortion, gay marriage and sex. These views will shape how Echo Boomers vote, how tolerant they are toward religious communities, and whether or not they'll see marriage as necessary. A quick summary:

  • 60% of Echo Boomers support abortion.
  • 82% of Echo Boomers support sex education and access to contraception for females who can't afford it.
  • 57% of Echo Boomers view same sex relationships as moral.
  • 70% of Echo Boomers view sexual relationships between single males and females as moral.
So how does this affect this affect the religious, political and marriage climate? I would expect the following if the Millennial generation continues to hold these views:

1. Religions that encourage marriage and denigrate same sex relationships or discourage sex outside of marriage will lose Millennial members (also see Do Echo Boomers Lack Religion?).
2. The majority of Echo Boomers will vote Democrat, as Democrats tend to be more open toward gay marriage, abortion and sex education.
3. Marriage rates among Echo Boomers will be lower than other American generations (Another Thing Generation Y Doesn't Like: Marriage).

In some ways, the above trends will have compounding effects in the future. If fewer Echo Boomers attend religious services, for instance, that will discourage the importance of religion for future generations. The same is true for politics and marriage.

1I am using their term, not mine. I fail to see how some of these issues can be classified as moral.