Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Generation Y Supports Gay Marriage

What This Means for Politics, Economics and Religion

A new poll found that Echo Boomers see gay marriage as compatible with religion. In fact, the numbers indicate a strong change, especially among evangelicals:

Of the white evangelical millennial Christians, 44 percent supported the legalization of same-sex marriage – compared to the 12 percent of evangelical senior citizens and 19 percent of evangelicals overall.
In other words, even among the religious of the Millennial generation, over 2 out of 5 think that same-sex marriage should be legal. The article delves into a few other differences between Echo Boomers and other American generations, and these views will have profound effects on upcoming elections, the socioeconomic structure and religion.


In 5 Moral Views of Generation Y I argued that five common views among Echo Boomers would effect the political spectrum. One of these views is the acceptance of homosexuality, which, in the past, some have fought. However, assuming economic factors don't matters whatsoever (a debatable statement), Echo Boomers will prefer a political candidate who is open to same-sex marriage over another candidate, who is closed. If a candidate is not open toward same-sex marriage, they will need to attract Echo Boomers through other issues.

That being written, in the current political climate, economics will play the largest factor unless something changes.


In Another Thing Generation Y Doesn't Like: Marriage, I write that a large portion of Echo Boomers will never marry (approximately 33-40%). However, with Echo Boomers being open toward same-sex marriage, I will be quick to point out that my prediction only refers to the opposite-sex marriages. I do not know how many same-sex partners will marry or would even if it was completely legal.

While same-sex marriage will alter the legal structure to an extent, in terms of housing demand, employment or city structure, things will remain similar. A gay couple, for instance, will be as likely or unlikely to buy a home as a straight couple.


In Do Echo Boomers Lack Religion, research seems to indicate that some religions, in general, will experience trouble with Echo Boomers, as they aren't as religious as other American generations. To a certain degree, religions market in a similar way that businesses do: they must appeal to the tastes of their target demographics. If religions want to target Echo Boomers, they will either need to leave moral issues on the side, or be more open toward non-traditional moral views.