Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Massive Generation Y: Yes, That's 38 Percent

Column Quick Summary:
  • By 2020, Generation Y will own 38% of the votes.
  • Generation Y will continue to have major influence on politics, economics and business even before 2020.
  • No one should underestimate the importance of Generation Y.

From an article:

By 2020, Millennials will comprise 38 percent of the voter base.
As we move toward election season, readers should note the importance of Generation Y on not only this election, but future elections as well (also see Generation Y Is How BIG?). Of course, if 38% of the electorate in the future are Echo Boomers, this will not only change politics, but economic policies and business. Businesses will need to meet the needs and wants of Echo Boomers, and economic policies will be slanted to favor Echo Boomers, as these Echo Boomers have a larger voice.

Knowing the future (through prediction and taking actions on those predictions) is half of the battle in politics, economics and business. If you had known how successful Apple would have been in 1997, imagine how much money you could have made. Likewise, if you want to succeed in politics or business, you must understand this generation because even if your customers or constituents aren't Echo Boomers, they will still have an effect on those who aren't.