Monday, January 30, 2012

Media Lies and Millennial "Doting"

Column Quick Summary:
  • Many media Millennial dote.
  • Echo Boomers, as a group, do not tend to make healthy choices.
  • Echo Boomers will continue leading the obesity epidemic.

You can find Millennial doting throughout the media. Not only did Millennial parents do this, schools did this, and media are doing it as well. An example of Millennial doting is an article like this, taking about how Echo Boomers will change the way we eat.

Echo Boomers are changing many things, but they are not improving anything in regards to nutrition. Notice, the article fails to make one reference to a study defending any assertion. This is because Generation Y struggles with obesity more than other generations; note:

Fried food alone begins to explain why this generation struggles with being overweight, as opposed to generations past. It is more popular now than ever before, and most consumers fail to realize how dangerous it can be to their health.
For the record, fried food does not explain why this generation struggles with obesity. A simple and basic understanding of macro nutrients explains why this generation is obese.

Sure, some in Generation Y won't eat garbage and will favor things like organic foods, probiotics and ethnic foods (which do not mean "healthier"). But the overall trend indicates that this generation will continue to lead the obesity epidemic, unless Generation Z decides to trump them (they are currently too young to compare).