Monday, April 23, 2012

Will Generation Y Dump the Food Pyramid?

Quick Summary:
  • The food pyramid is a recent view of food in history.
  • Results will matter when questions about what to eat arise.

Should people follow the food pyramid? Generation Y and Generation Z will see this issue addressed. Tom Naughton and Dr. Layne Norton (Tom Naughton of Fat Head | Dr. Layne Norton On Health and Fitness) didn't express positive views of the food pyramid. While some elements of the food pyramid might promote good health (many fruits and vegetables), other elements might be contributing to the current insulin resistance epidemic.

As Generation Y and Z mature, they will see this debate expand. Historically speaking, few cultures have supported the food pyramid or anything similar - this is a recent development in Western culture. If more data support the assertion that a high carbohydrate diet causes problems, then we may see more health officials (usually, this occurs in small subcultures, like the fitness community, before it becomes widespread) question the food pyramid and dump it.

Likewise, Generation Y may see the people who have fewer health problems, or fewer problems with obesity, and abandon the government's suggestions.