Friday, September 13, 2013

Millennial Marriage: A Wedding Story

From the post Funny Observation About Generation Y and Marriage, I wrote:

What makes me laugh about this the most? While working with customers, many Echo Boomers told me that they were saving money for a wedding, but none of them listed marriage as a goal for their life (to be fair, a wedding is a financial goal, whereas a marriage might be considered a financial goal by some). I almost wonder, after reading the above story, if these Echo Boomers only planned to have a wedding for the show of it.

I can't help but think of Satire VI by Juvenal when I read this news.

I based that observation off of the fact that Echo Boomers value "showing off" and the desire for marriage by some may just be the desire to show off in front of some. Anyway, a recent story (ie: crime) caught my eye, especially because it mirrored what I wrote in the linked post above this:

According to an FBI affidavit: "Graham stated she could have just walked away, but due to anger, she pushed Johnson with both hands in the back and as a result, he fell face first off the cliff."


The family friend, Tracey Maness, added: "She’d been telling people she knew she never wanted to be married, she just wanted to have a wedding, and that’s apparently what they were arguing about."

Another point in favor of cohabitation for Echo Boomers.

Update: A reader sent in this update from Fox News:

A federal judge has ordered a Montana newlywed to be released from jail on her own recognizance while awaiting a murder trial in the death of her husband in Glacier National Park.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch said Thursday that Jordan Linn Graham, 22, of Kalispell did not pose a flight risk because of her strong community ties and did not appear to be a danger to others.