In the Media

The Echo Boom Bomb has been featured throughout the media. The following are a list of columns and articles written by either myself (Tim) or other writers that have referred to this blog.

Articles Written by Tim
Echo Boomers have a different outlook on homeownership (Real Estate Wonk) 4-25-2011
When Will the Education Bubble Explode (Forbes) 11-2-2011
Attitudes of Young Americans Bode Ill for Housing Recovery (Forbes) 12-17-2011
Housing the Echo Boomers - Next Big Real Estate Opportunity (Forbes) 12-21-2011
Student Loan Defaulter Calls For Solidarity (Forbes) 3-29-2012
The Education Bubble Won’t Create A Disaster, Right? (Forbes) 5-15-2012
The Higher Education Bubble Is Already A Disaster (SayAnythingBlog) 5-16-2012
Can We Prevent An Education Bubble? (Forbes) 8-16-2012
Will Student Loans Delay A Major Housing Recovery? (Forbes) 8-22-2012

Articles Written by Other Authors
Is Cohabitation Really Worse than Marriage (by Laura Carroll)
Debt-Ridden Nation Takes a More Skeptical Look at Its Investment in Promoting Homeownership (by John Caulfield)
If you don’t want a STEM degree, should you just stay away from college? (by Emily Wilkins)
Millennials entering the workforce need affordable housing (by Dan Reed)
The New Consumer - How Millennials Will Impact The Fitness Industry (Bryan K. O'Rourke)
The City That Rents? (by Brennen Jensen)
Meet the Millennials: Getting to know your next big customer (by Patricia Frank)
Who Are the Echo Boomers and Why Should REALTORS® Care? (National Association of Realtors)
The Housing Choices of Echo Boomers (by Jane M. Wolkowicz)