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Aurora Meneghello of Default: the Student Loan Documentary | 6-15-2011

Dr. Paul Cwik on Austrian Economics | 8-12-2011

Sander Daniels of Thumbtack | 11-16-2011

Susan Walsh of Hooking Up Smart | 11-17-2011

Stephanie Coontz on Contemporary Families | 12-20-2011

Kay Hymowitz on "Manning Up" | 1-5-2012

Jessica Setnick on Eating Disorders | 1-19-2012

Mark Thoma of Economist's View | 2-2-2012

Dr. Thomas White on Male Leadership in Protestant Churches | 2-16-2012

Matt Kramer on Predatory Leadership | 3-1-2012

Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist | 3-15-2012

Natalia Antonova - "I Can't Afford My Student Private Loans" | 3-29-2012

Tom Naughton of Fat Head | 4-5-2012

Dr. Layne Norton on Health and Fitness | 4-19-2012

Christine Cronau on Saturated Fat | 4-26-2012

Dr. Carlos Munoz on Health Topics | 5-19-2012

Dan Eisenberg Discusses Telomere Length and Age | 6-15-2012

Suzanne Venker: The Effects of Feminism on Millennial Women | 6-20-2012

Dr. Cate Shanahan: Food, Genes and Our Behavior | 7-6-2012

Dr. Lindsey Mathews: Food As Fuel For Your Body | 7-27-2012

Dr. Raymund Paredes: Rising Costs of Public Higher Education | 8-16-2012

Salman Khan: Innovative Ideas For Education | 8-16-2012

Jed Kolko: Millennials and the Real Estate Market | 8-17-2012

Julie Zeilinger: Challenges Facing Millennial Women | 8-23-2012

Ira Weissman: Some Diamond Truths For Millennial Men | 10-5-2012

Thomas Matlack: Let's Talk About Millennial Men | 1-21-2013