Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Do Echo Boomers Think?

According to a few studies, one by Brookings and one one by Pew, Echo Boomers hold views that are quite different than some previous American generations. Echo Boomers constitute the next major generation of American leaders, and will influence the political spectrum as they mature. Some of the highlights of Echo Boomers' views from the study:

  1. Unlike former American generations, Echo Boomers favor isolationist policies. Keep in mind that this generation has been influenced by the U.S. government spending careless amounts of money overseas, while the U.S. has experienced major trouble in our own society. Echo Boomers may be thinking, "Why help others if we can't even help ourselves?"
  2. Echo Boomers use online media sources for their news more than any other form.
  3. Approximately 38% of Echo Boomers identify themselves as Democrat, 26% identify themselves as Republican, and 29% identify themselves as Independent.
  4. Among all different political views, Echo Boomers are influenced most by their parents. It should also be of note here that many Echo Boomers have formed political and economic views based on what happened to their parents (outsourcing, Enron, et cetera).
  5. Echo Boomers, unlike Generation Xers, favor government jobs and opportunities.
  6. Echo Boomers respect energy companies the least, while respecting IT and consumer goods companies the most. When you consider Google and Apple, this should come as no surprise as technology demarcates Echo Boomers from other generations in terms of use. Also, companies like BP and Enron have failed to earn respect due to poor corporate thinking and approach.
  7. Echo Boomers favor more government than former American generations.